Axinidris nigripes Shattuck

Snelling, R. R., 2007, A review of the arboreal Afrotropical ant genus Axinidris., Advances in ant systematics (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): Homage to E. O. Wilson - 50 years of contributions. (Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 80), pp. 551-579: 568

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Axinidris nigripes Shattuck


Axinidris nigripes Shattuck   HNS  

Axinidris nigripes Shattuck   HNS   , 1991: 117 - 118; fig. 35 (w). GHANA, Aburi (P. Room) ( BMNH) examined   .

Worker diagnosis. Scape and pronotum with erect hairs; medial carina present; distance between spines exceeding PPW; hairs of head and mesosoma brown, coarse and seta-like.

Worker measurements (mm) (n = 1). HW 0.97; HL 1.06; SL 0.78; EL 0.30; OVD 0.33; PNW n / a; PPW 0.50; WL 1.27. Indices. CI 91; CNI 195; OI 31; SI 80.

Worker description. The worker has been adequately described by Shattuck (1991).

Queen and male unknown.


This species is similar to both A. luhya   HNS   and A. palligastrion   HNS   . It differs from the latter in its larger size, deeper clypeal notch and differing color pattern, the gaster being darker than the head and mesosoma, the reverse of the pattern in A. palligastrion   HNS   . From A. luhya   HNS   , A. nigripes   HNS   differs by the coarser, darker mesosomal hairs (fine and yellowish in A. luhya   HNS   .


United Kingdom, London, The Natural History Museum [formerly British Museum (Natural History)]