Paraheterospilus Marsh

Marsh, Paul M., Wild, Alexander L. & Whitfield, James B., 2013, The Doryctinae (Braconidae) of Costa Rica: genera and species of the tribe Heterospilini, ZooKeys 347, pp. 1-474: 15-16

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Paraheterospilus Marsh

gen. n.

Genus Paraheterospilus Marsh  gen. n.

Type species.

Paraheterospilus ceciliaensis  Marsh, sp. n.


Small size, 1.5-2.0 mm; vertex sharply angled dorso-laterally near dorsal eye margin (Fig. 9B); occipital carina meeting hypostomal carina; fore tibia with single row of short spines along anterior edge; hind coxa with small but distinct antero-ventral basal tooth; basal sternal plate of metasomal segment 1 short, less than 1/4 length of tergum, laterope indistinct; fore wing vein r-m present, vein 2RS absent; hind wing vein SC+R absent.


Know only from Costa Rica.




This genus is very similar to Heterospilus  but is distinguished from this and all other Doryctinae  genera by the unusual angled dorso-lateral corners of the vertex.


The generic name is from the Greek para, meaning near, in reference to its similarity with the genus Heterospilus  . Gender is masculine.

Key to the species of Paraheterospilus  in Costa Rica