van der Hammen, L., 1959, Berlese's Primitive Oribatid Mites, Zoologische Verhandelingen 40, pp. 1-93: 76

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Trimalaconothrus  Berlese, 1916

Trimalaconothrus  Berlese, 1916b, p. 336.

In 1916 Berlese created a subgenus Trimalaconothrus  , and separated it from Malaconothrus  on account of the tridactylous legs; later authors considered Trimalaconothrus  a genus. Berlese designated Malaconothrus (Trimalaconothrus) indusiatus Berlese  (1916b) as type, and added Nothrus tardus Michael  (1888), Malaconothrus major Berlese  (1910), and Malaconothrus optatus Berlese  (1908). In this list Malaconothrus crinitus Berlese  (1908) was erroneously omitted 1).

1) A list of species of the genus Trimalaconothrus  was given by Knuelle (1957, p. 159). This author uses T. novus  Sellnick (19211) as auxiliary type, and designates it at the same time as type of a new subgenus ( Tyrphonothrus  ).