Brachymeria marmonti (Girault, 1924),

Narendran, T. C. & van Achterberg, Cornelis, 2016, Revision of the family Chalcididae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) from Vietnam, with the description of 13 new species, ZooKeys 576, pp. 1-202: 44

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Brachymeria marmonti (Girault, 1924)


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Chalcididae

Brachymeria marmonti (Girault, 1924)  Figs 52-53

Chalcis marmonti  Girault, 1924b: 175 (♀, Australia, Queensland (OMB)).

Brachymeria marmonti  ; Narendran 1989: 253-254; Dahms 1984: 795; Bouček 1988: 71.

Brachymeria koduvalliensis  ; Joseph, Narendran & Joy, 1972: 345 (holotype ♀, BMNH) India; synonymised with Brachymeria marmonti  (Girault) by Bouček 1988).

Chalcis wittei  Schmitz, 1946: 47 (♀?, (Tervuren)) Congo; synonymised with Brachymeria marmonti  (Girault) by Bouček 1988).


( RMNH). 1 ♀, "S. Vietnam: Dóng Nai, Cát Tiên N. P., Dong trail, Mal. traps, c. 100 m, 1-8.iv.2007, Mai Phu Quy & Nguyen Tanh Manh, RMNH’07”.


Similar to Brachymeria megaspila  (Cameron), but Brachymeria marmonti  has hind femur black except an ivory patch apically (with large black medial patch and remainder yellow in Brachymeria megaspila  ) and posterior lamella of scutellum evenly convex medio-posteriorly (emarginate medio-posteriorly).


(♀) Pre- and post-orbital carinae present; scrobe reaching anterior ocellus; scutellum with interspaces between punctures narrower than half diameter of punctures and often carinate; apex of scutellum rounded.


Hyperparasitoid of Lepidoptera  through Braconidae  and Ichneumonidae  .


Afrotropical, Oriental and Australian regions. New record for Vietnam.