Van Oijen, Martien J. P., Kawai, Toshio & Loots, Ineke, 2013, Putative type specimens of Satyrichthys (Scorpaeniformes: Peristediidae) in the Bleeker collection of the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, The Netherlands, Zootaxa 3670 (2), pp. 207-214: 212

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Synonymy of Peristedion  species by other authors

Günther (1860: 219), who followed Kaup (1859) in placing Peristedion  in the synonymy of Peristethus  , regarded P. laticeps  as a proper species, and placed P. gigas Kaup 1859  in the synonymy of P. moluccense  . Günther’s short descriptions of Peristethus lasticeps  and P. moluccense  do not contain characters that can be used to separate these species.

De Beaufort (in De Beaufort & Briggs 1962; 121) who followed Bleeker in considering Peristedion laticeps  as a junior synonym of P. moluccense  , wrote that he examined the types of P moluccense  and P. laticeps  in the Leiden Museum. De Beaufort gives a length of 436 mm for P. moluccense  . Apparently this is his measurement of the largest specimen then contained in RMNH 5793.


National Museum of Natural History, Naturalis