Henao, Efrain R., Carneiro, Eduardo, Mielke, Olaf H. H. & Casagrade, Mirna M., 2015, Taxonomic notes on Wahydra Steinhauser (Hesperiidae, Hesperiinae, Anthoptini) with description of four new species, Zootaxa 4040 (1), pp. 59-73: 70

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Wahydra  sp.

Figs (25, 26,40,53).

Description. Female: Forewing length 13. Nudum 13. DFW orange spots in R 4 -CuA 2 and posterior half of CuA 2 – 2 A to anal margin; sparse dark orange scales present on costal, central and anal areas close to base. DHW orange spot thin, from Rs to CuA 2; dark orange elongated bristles, mainly concentrated in discal cell and anal areas. VFW ground color dark brown; costal area and apical spots dark orange; faint orange spots in R 5 -M 1, and developed in M 3 to CuA 2. VHW ground color dark orange, with a central dark, marked reddish band from base to margin; anal fold dark brown. Genitalia: 8 th tergite with spiracular opening present, ellipsoid. Lamella antevaginalis projected below ostium bursae; triangular posterior projections developed only in the right side of ostium, which is distinctly asymmetrically located in the right side of sterigma. Lobes of posterior margin of lamella postvaginalis large, medially shallow divided.

Studied material: Peru, Amazonas, Rodríguez de Mendoza, 17 -VI- 2003, 1800m, OM 63.640 (OM).

Remarks. This female is here illustrated without identification due to lack of evidence to which male it should be coupled, or if it belongs to a un-described species. Although only other five female genitalia of Wahydra  species are so far illustrated, it is worth to describe the present specimen for the purpose of future studies in the taxonomy of the genus.