Chromaphyosemion kouamense (Legros 1999)

Rainer Sonnenberg, 2007, Description of three new species of the genus Chromaphyosemion Radda, 1971 (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae) from the coastal plains of Cameroon with a preliminary review of the Chromaphy, Zootaxa 1591, pp. 1-38: 32

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Chromaphyosemion kouamense (Legros 1999)


Chromaphyosemion kouamense (Legros 1999)  ZBK  .

Legros (1999) compares this species with C. bitaeniatum  as both species should show a coloration of the anal fin which differs from that of the caudal fin. This seems to be based on a misinterpretation of the color patterns. The anal fin in C. kouamense  ZBK  in greenish, identical to the central part of the caudal fin. The central part of the caudal fin is bordered by an orange area parallel to the dorsal and ventral parts of the fin along the submarginal red band border. In C. bitaeniatum  the coloration of the anal and caudal fins is quite variable, the anal fin color ranges from greenish with a broad orange region to nearly completely blue or orange, the center of the caudal fin is bluish to greenish, and similar to for example C. punctulatum  ZBK  and C. kouamense  ZBK  , it has a broad orange area bordering the central part of the fin. In some populations of C. kouamense  ZBK  (e.g., Mvang Ayong, Gabon, Fig. 31) the caudal fin has mainly red dots between fin rays rather than streaks as described for the specimens from the type locality.