Draconarius introhamatus

Wang, XIN-PING, Griswold, CHARLES E. & Miller, JEREMY A., 2010, Revision of the genus Draconarius Ovtchinnikov 1999 (Agelenidae: Coelotinae) in Yunnan, China, with an analysis of the Coelotinae diversity in the Gaoligongshan Mountains, Zootaxa 2593, pp. 1-127: 58

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Draconarius introhamatus

comb. nov.

Draconarius introhamatus  (Xu & Li 2006) comb. nov.

(Fig. 540)

Coelotes introhamatus Xu  & Li 2006a: 57, figs 17-19, 32-33 (female holotype from Lijiang , Yunnan, China, in IZCAS, not examined)  .

Diagnosis: The female of this species can be easily distinguished from other coelotines by the absence of epigynal teeth, the large, anteriorly situated atrium and copulatory ducts, and the long, coiled spermathecal tubes (Xu & Li 2006a: figs 18-19).

Description: Female. See also Xu & Li (2006a).

Male. Unknown.

Distribution: China (Yunnan: Lijiang) (Fig. 540).


China, Beijing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Zoology