Bulimulus (Drymaeus) ziczac da Costa, 1898

Breure, Abraham S. H. & Ablett, Jonathan D., 2014, Annotated type catalogue of the Bulimulidae (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Orthalicoidea) in the Natural History Museum, London, ZooKeys 392, pp. 1-367: 177

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scientific name

Bulimulus (Drymaeus) ziczac da Costa, 1898


Bulimulus (Drymaeus) ziczac da Costa, 1898  Figs 30 J–L, L66v

Bulimulus (Drymaeus) ziczac  da Costa 1898: 81, pl. 6 fig. 5; Breure 1979: 115.

Drymaeus ziczac  ; Pilsbry 1898 [1897-1898]: 212, pl. 50 fig. 92; Linares and Vera 2012: 192.

Type locality.

"Valley of the R. Cauca, Colombia".


"Llanos de Cavariare / Colombia". in da Costa’s handwriting.


"Long. 28, diam. 15 mm."; figured specimen herein H 26.5, D 15.0, W 4+.

Type material.

NHMUK 1907.11.21.46, lectotype;. 47, one paralectotype (da Costa coll.).


da Costa did not state on how many specimens his description was based; the reference of Breure (1979) to "HT BMNH 1907.11.21.46" has to be interpreted as a lectotype designation under Art. 74.6 ICZN. The top of the lectotype is damaged, hence the shell height appears smaller than mentioned by da Costa. The name ”Cavariare” could not be found using modern gazetteers.

Current systematic position.

Bulimulidae  , Drymaeus (Drymaeus) ziczac  (da Costa, 1898).