Procopius lesserti , Haddad, Charles R. & Bosselaers, Jan, 2010

Haddad, Charles R. & Bosselaers, Jan, 2010, A revision of the genus Medmassa Simon, 1887 (Araneae: Corinnidae) in the Afrotropical Region, Zootaxa 2361, pp. 1-12: 8-9

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Procopius lesserti

comb. nov.

Procopius lesserti  (Strand, 1916) comb. nov.

(Figs 20-24)

Medmassa lesserti Strand,  1916: 96 (♀ holotype: RWANDA: Rugege Wald, 1800m a.s.l., 20.VII.1907, leg. A.F. Herzog, ZMB 28237 - examined;  ♀ paratype with same data as holotype, ZMB 28239 - examined;  ♀ paratype: CONGO D.R.: Lake Kivu, VIII.1907, leg. S.O. Ufer, ZMB 28238 - examined). 

Procopius quaerens Lessert,  1946: 210, fig. 9 (♀ holotype: CONGO D.R.: Lulonga , 00°37'N, 18°23'E, MRAC 12427 - examined). syn. nov.GoogleMaps 

Remarks. The female types of M. lesserti  are consistent in somatic and genitalic morphology with other members of the Afrotropical genus Procopius  Thorell, 1899, particularly the raised cephalic region, eye arrangement, strongly spined anterior legs, and simple plate-like epigyne (Figs 20-24). This species can be recognised by the distinctive looping lateral spermathecae and median sclerotised ridge that show through the integument (Fig. 24). Examination of the holotype female of P. quaerens Lessert,  1946 from Lulonga, Congo D.R., indicates that this species is a junior synonym of Procopius lesserti. 


Germany, Berlin, Museum fuer Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universitaet


Belgium, Tervuren, Musee Royal de l'Afrique Centrale