Althepus Thorell, 1898

Li, Fengyuan, Liu, Chang & Li, Shuqiang, 2018, Ten new species of the spider genus Althepus Thorell, 1898 from Southeast Asia (Araneae, Ochyroceratidae), ZooKeys 776, pp. 27-60: 28-29

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Althepus Thorell, 1898


Genus Althepus Thorell, 1898 

Althepus  : Thorell 1898: 271-378. Type species Althepus pictus  Thorell, 1898 (by original designation), Myanmar.

Emended diagnosis.

The genus Althepus  belongs to the subfamily Psilodercinae  and can be distinguished from other genera of Psilodercinae  by the following combination of characters: cheliceral promargin with lamina and 1-2 teeth, retromargin with 1-2 small teeth; tarsus of male palp with lateral protrusion bearing a hook-shaped spine; short bulb with embolus; and female internal genitalia often with paired spermathecae ( Deeleman-Reinhold 1995).


According to our observations, we use hook-shaped spine instead the "lanceolate apophysis" used by Deeleman-Reinhold (1995), and use lamina and 1-2 teeth instead the "3 teeth" used by Deeleman-Reinhold (1995).