Lestes alfonsoi, Gonzalez-Soriano & Novelo-Gutierrez, 2001

E. Gonzalez-Soriano & R. Novelo-Gutierrez, 2001, Lestes alfonsoi spec. nov., A New Damselfly from Mexico (Zygoptera: Lestidae), Odonatologica 30 (4), pp. 441-444 : 1-3

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https://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.3374343



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Lestes alfonsoi



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Material. - Holotype ♂: MEXICO: Veracruz state, Laguna de Santo Domingo, 4 km NW Huatusco (19° 09'.550''N, 97° 00'.267''W, alt. 1300m), 9-VII-2000, E. Gonzalez leg GoogleMaps ; - allotype ♀ (in copula with holotype): same data as holotype. GoogleMaps - Additional material (23 ♂ paratypes) same data as holotype E. Gonzalez, R. Novelo, A. Gonzalez and Luis E. Gonzalez leg., GoogleMaps 20 ♂; same data but 15-VIII-1986, R. Novelo and V. Garcia leg., GoogleMaps 2 ♂; Tenejapa, 9-VIII-1986, R. Novelo leg., . Material is deposited at CNIN-UNAM and IE-Xalapa, Mexico. Paratypes will also be deposited at USNM, IORI, RWG (Azusa, CA) and MLM (New Brunswick, NJ)collections.

Etymology. —The name of this species is dedicated to Alfonso Gonzalez Figueroa, son of the senior author, for his companionship and help during collecting trips.

MALE (Holotype). - Head. - Labrum, gena, outer surface of mandible and anteclypeus light blue; gena, outer surface of mandibles and lateral margins of labrum flanked by a narrow ivory line; postclypeus and remainder of epicranium black with slight metallic-reddish reflections; rear of head black, pale around occipital foramen: antennae dark brown on 3 basal segments, remainder of segments lost, labium and maxillae tan, the latter with apexes dark brown.

Thorax. - Prothorax brown, bluish dorsally with large mediodorsal black spots on middle lobe and small black semicircular spots on hind lobe; pterothorax with bluish narrow line along middorsal carinae, flanked by wide black middorsal stripes occupying more than half width of mesepisternum ( Fig. 1 View Figs ), these stripes are slightly widened at upper end, antehumeral stripe, antealar crest and sinus blue; a narrow blue stripe on mesepimeron running for a short distance below mesopleural suture, mesepimeron with a wide, dark stripe, metepisternum blue with brown stripe at level of metapleural fossa; metepimeron blue with a black stripe on anterior endjust above ventral margin, a black stripe just below metapleural carina, ventral color pattern as in Figure 2 View Figs .

Legs: Pale brown with black stripes on external surfaces excepting coxae and trochanters, tarsi black.

Abdomen. - Dorsum of segs 1-2 black, yellow laterally and with narrow medial yellow line; segs 3-8 black on dorsum with narrow yellow ventrolateral stripes, on 3-4 these stripes are connected with pale basal annuli, dorsum of 9 pruinose, 10 dark brown; abdominal appendages black with medium brown areas on internal surfaces. Cerci with basal teeth at 0.26 length and angulated denticulated expansion at 0.54 length ( Fig. 3 View Figs ); paraprocts long, 0.96 length of cerci, with tips converging and slightly expanded ( Figs 3-4 View Figs ). Cerci and paraprocts were measured in lateral view from about mid-height of each to its tip.

Measurements (in mm). - Total length (incl, apps) 38.6; abdomen (incl. apps) 31.7, hindwing 20.9, cerci 1.15, paraprocts 1.11.

FEMALE (Allotype). - Coloration of head and prothorax as in holotype. Pterothorax also similarly colored except for mesepimeral dark stripe with metallic reddish­-green reflections and metepisternal blue stripe flanked above and at sides by cream yellow coloration, metepimeron cream-yellow. Abdominal segments 1-8 as in male but pale coloration at sides more extensive than male, in 1-7 pale stripes are connected with basal annuli. Pale lateral areas of 1-2 with distinct bluish tint, 9 reddish brown at sides and basally, remainder black, seg. 10 black on dorsum, reddish-brown laterally, ovipositor long ( Fig. 5 View Figs ), tips of gonapophysis extending almost to tips of cerci, ventral margin of valves almost straight, basal plate subquadrilateral, cerci black with distinct pale brown dorsobasal spots.

Measurements (in mm). - Total length (incl. apps) 38.2; abdomen (incl. apps) 30.4, hindwing 22.0, cerci 0.64.

VARIATION AMONG PARATYPIC SERIES. - Total length 37.6 - 43.2 (40.9); abdomen 31.1 - 35.1 (33.3); hindwing 20.2 - 23.4 (24.6); cerci 1.11 - 1.36 (1.22); paraprocts 1.02 - 1.19 (1.12)


USA, Washington D.C., National Museum of Natural History, [formerly, United States National Museum]



















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