Disperis kilimanjarica

Summerhayes, V. B., 1968, Orchidaceae (Part 1) part., Flora of Tropical East Africa 1 (1), pp. -1--1: 225-226

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Disperis kilimanjarica


9. D. kilimanjarica Rendle 

in J.L.S. 30: 400, t. 32/8-10 (1895); Schltr. in Bull. Herb. Boiss. 6: 937 (1898); Rolfe in F.T.A. 7: 290 (1898); Tweediein Journ. E.A. Nat. Hist. Soc. 24: 12(1964). Type: Tanganyika, Kilimanjaro, slopes above Marangu [Morang], W. E. Taylor (BM, holo.!)

Glabrous herb, 7-5-12 cm. tall, arising from an ovoid tuber, 1-1-5 cm. long, 8 mm. wide, sending out filiform tuber-bearing underground shoots. Leaves 2, alternate, sessile, sheathing at the base, ovate, 1-2-3-1 cm. long, 0-7-2-1 cm. wide, acute, cordate above the sheath. Flowers solitary, white tinged green, margined with lilac along the edge of the spur, or pinkish, or distinctly green and dull mauve; bract leaf-like, 0-8-1-5 cm. long, 4-8 mm. wide. Intermediate sepal hooded, joined to the petals to form a short spur 0-8-

1-0 cm. long, broad towards its mouth, abruptly narrowed towards the apex; lateral sepals obliquely ovate, 0-6-1-2 cm. long, 4-5 mm. wide, apiculate, free, bearing sacs 2-2-5 mm. long. Petals irregularly oblong, 8 mm. long, 4 mm. wide, curved on united margin, irregular on free margin, shortly clawed at the base. Lip 6 mm. long, with linear claw expanded above into a narrowly triangular blade with a reflexed tip, w'hich bears (at the point of reflection) a thick narrowly oblong appendage directed to the apex of the spur, 3 mm. long, papillate at the extreme tip. Fig, 39/9, p. 220.

Uganda. Elgon, Butandiga, Aug. 1934, Synge 823!

Kenya. NE. Elgon, July 1951, Tweedie 920!; Kiambu District: Gatamayu Forest, July 1938, G. O. van Someren 28!; Meru District: Nyambeni Hills, Kirima Peak, Oct. 1960, Verdcourt 2948!

Tanganyika. Masai District: Loliondo area, Sept. 1953, Eggeling 6691!; Kilimanjaro, Marangu, W. E. Taylor!

Distb. U3; K3, 4, 6; T2; not known elsewhere

Hab. In dense shade of evergreen forest mostly on branches covered with mosses and liverworts or in leaf-litter, sometimes epiphytic on trees up to 6 m. above the ground; 2100-2700 m.

17. Disperis