Lamellitettigodes signatus ( Bolivar , 1887)

Tumbrinck, Josef, 2019, Taxonomic and biogeographic revision of the genus Lamellitettigodes (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae) with description of two new species and additional notes on Lamellitettix, Probolotettix, and Sceli, Journal of Orthoptera Research 28 (2), pp. 167-180: 172

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Lamellitettigodes signatus ( Bolivar , 1887)

comb. nov.

Lamellitettigodes signatus ( Bolivar, 1887)  comb. nov. Plates 1CView Plate 1, 3KView Plate 3, 5SView Plate 5

Tettix signatus  Bolívar, 1887: 268.

Acrydium signatum  : Kirby 1910: 45.

Tetrix signatus  : Bruner 1915: 54; Blackith 1992: 185; Paris 1994: 249; Otte, 1997: 131.

Tetrix signata  : Steinmann 1970a: 233; Yin et al. 1996: 920.

Type material. -

HT (designated as LT by Mercedes Paris 1994) Lamellitettigodes signatus  : ♀, Philippines, [Prov. Eastern Samar], Dolores, MNCN (Cat. Tipos No 123), original label from Bolívar " T. signatus  Bol." and label “Lectotipo” from Mercedes Paris.

Additional material examined. -

Indonesia: ♀, Indonesia, Ins. Buru, leg. H. Kühne, NMW.

Differential diagnosis. -

L. signatus  is unique in having median carina extended in a small flattened arch to the frontal margin of pronotum. Other characters are the shorter pronotum and hind wings, but possibly in other species there are specimens with shortened pronotum and hind wings that have not been found yet.

Measurements. -

(in mm) HT: Pronotum length 10.89; pronotum lobe width 3.00; pronotum height 2.54; vertex width 0.66; eye width 0.55; tegmen length 1.54; hind wing length 9.94; postfemur length 6.69; postfemur width 1.95.

Distribution. -

Known from the locus typicus (Dolores, Philippines) and from Buru (Maluka, Indonesia).

I identified one ♀ from Thailand (Khon Kaen, Nam Nao National Park, 24.V.1988, leg. S. Ingrisch, CJT) as Lamellitettigodes cf. signatus  , but further investigations are needed to confirm this identification.