Odontomachus haematodus

Sorger, D. M. & Zettel, H., 2011, On the ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of the Philippine Islands: V. The genus Odontomachus Latreille, 1804., Myrmecological News 14, pp. 141-163: 157-158

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Odontomachus haematodus


Odontomachus haematodus  HNS  species group

Diagnosis: Palp formula 4, 3 (one labial palp segment lost by fusion; unique in Odontomachus  HNS  , see Brown 1976). Head broad. Mandibles stout and relatively short, with short, blunt teeth; apical and especially subapical tooth short, tooth is scarcely or not at all projecting beyond the inner mandibular border (in callow workers, consists of two


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low, obtuse points separated by a weak concavity). Anten- nae tending to be shorter than in other groups (especially scapes of larger species only slightly surpassing posterior margin of head). In most species dorsal surface strongly sculptured, mostly by striation, in many species also peti- ole and gaster tergites with some striation or reticulation. Mesosoma stout, not depressed. Petiole stout, without or with short spine.

Diversity and distribution: Odontomachus simillimus Smith  HNS  , 1858 is the only Indo-Pacific species of this speci- ose group. Odontomachus troglodytes Santschi  HNS  , 1914 in- habits Africa, Madagascar, and the Seychelles. Most spe- cies (19) are found in the Neotropics: Odontomachus  HNS  af- finis Guérin-Méneville, 1844, O. allolabis Kempf  HNS  , 1974, O. bauri Emery  HNS  , 1892, O. biolleyi Forel  HNS  , 1908, O. bium- bonatus Brown  HNS  , 1976, O. brunneus  HNS  (Paton, 1894), O. caelatus Brown  HNS  , 1976, O. chelifer  HNS  (Latreille, 1802), O. clarus Roger  HNS  , 1861, O. erythrocephalus Emery  HNS  , 1890, O. haematodus  HNS  (Linnaeus, 1758), O. insularis  HNS  Guérin- Méneville, 1844, O. laticeps Roger  HNS  , 1861, O. mayi Mann  HNS  , 1912, O. meinerti Forel  HNS  , 1905, O. opaciventris Forel  HNS  , 1899, O. panamensis Forel  HNS  , 1899, O. spissus Kempf  HNS  , 1962, O. yucatecus Brown  HNS  , 1976.