Sinocyrtaspiodea carinata ( Liu, Zhou & Bi, 2008 )

Ming, Shi Fu & Xun, Bian, 2013, One new genus and species of the tribe Meconematini (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) from Sichuan, China with description of the male sex and transfer of Acosmetura carinata Liu, Zhou & Bi, 2008 to, Zootaxa 3599 (4), pp. 390-394: 392-393

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Sinocyrtaspiodea carinata ( Liu, Zhou & Bi, 2008 )


Sinocyrtaspiodea carinata ( Liu, Zhou & Bi, 2008)  com. nov.

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Acosmetura carinata Liu, Zhou & Bi, 2008  . Acta Zootaxon. Sinica, 33 (4): 761, 763.

Liu, Zhou & Bi (2008) attributed a new species to the genus Acosmetura  , based on one female. According to the characters of male and female specimens collected from the type locality, we conclude that the species should be transferred to Sinocyrtaspiodea  gen. nov. The male of the species is described for the first time.

Description. Male. Body small, stout. Fastigium verticis stout and short, conical, with a longitudinal sulcus in midline, apex obtusely rounded. Eyes oval, projecting forwards.

Pronotum elongate, projecting caudad, anterior margin straight, posterior margin obtusely rounded, posterior transversal sulcus distinct, metazona slightly raised; posterior margin of lateral lobes of pronotum slightly broadened; humeral sinus absent.

Tegmina slightly longer, surpassing posterior margin of pronotum, with stridulatory organ; hind wings absent. Procoxa with a spine, all femora without spines on ventral margins, protibiae with 5 spines on anterior and posterior margins of ventral surface; tibial tympana open on both sides, ovoid. Mesotibiae with 4 spines on anterior margin and 6 spines on posterior margin of ventral surface. Posttibiae with 23–26 spines on inner and outer sides of dorsal surface separately, and a pair of dorsal apical spurs and 2 pairs of ventral apical spurs.

Ninth abdominal tergite comparatively broad. Basal half of tenth abdominal tergite with a deep longitudinal sulcus, the lateral area slightly swollen, apical area with a pair of leaf-shaped projections curved ventrad, the internal margin enlarged, lamellar. Epiproct minute. Cercus cylindrical, curved dorso-internally, with narrow margin, and narrow inner lobe on dorsal middle margin, apex bearing an indistinct short obtuse tooth. Subgenital plate tongue-shaped, basal area comparatively broad, centre concave; subapical area curved upwards, the centre deeply concave. Styli conical on apices of lateral margins of subgenital plate. Genitalia sclerotized, elongate, stout and cylindrical, apex obtusely rounded, with some teeth on dorsal margin.

Coloration. Body yellowish green. Eyes yellowish brown. Disc of pronotum with a broad longitudinal yellowish brown stripe, the posterior area broadened on metazona, outer margins of the stripe on prozona dark, in metazona brownish black, the posterior tip lighter. Apical areas of femora and basal area of tibiae dark brown. All tibial spines and spurs with apices dark brown. Abdominal dorsal margin with a longitudinal blackish brown stripe; the longitudinal sulcus of tenth abdominal tergite black. Inner lobes of cerci yellowish brown. Genitalia black.

Female. Liu, Zhou & Bi (2008) described female of the species. Here supplyments some female photographs. Abdominal dorsal margin with a longitudinal stripe light brown, or without one.

Measurements (mm): Body (from apex of fastigium verticis to posterior margin of tenth abdominal tergite): 3 11.5, Ƥ 9.5 –11.0; pronotum; 3 6.5, Ƥ 4.8; postfemora: 3 10.0, Ƥ 11.0– 11.5; ovipositor: 6.5–6.8. Material examined. 1 3, Hongchunping, Emeishan, Sichuan, China, 27 July, 2011; 1 Ƥ, Jiulaodong, Emeishan, Sichuan, China, 4 August, 2011; 1 Ƥ, Xixinsuo, Emeishan, Sichuan, China, 31 June, 2011, all collected by Shi Fu Ming and Zhao Le Hong.

Distributiom. China (Sichuan).














Sinocyrtaspiodea carinata ( Liu, Zhou & Bi, 2008 )

Ming, Shi Fu & Xun, Bian 2013


Acosmetura carinata

Liu, Zhou & Bi 2008