Gelastyrella hainanensis Ran et Liang

Ran, Hong-Fan & Liang, Ai-Ping, 2006, The issid genus Gelastyrella Yang (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea: Issidae) from China, Zootaxa 1238, pp. 63-68 : 65-67

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scientific name

Gelastyrella hainanensis Ran et Liang

sp. nov.

2. Gelastyrella hainanensis Ran et Liang , sp. nov.

( Figures 1– 8 View FIGURES 1 – 8 )

Length: male 6.3 mm, female 7.5 mm.

Male: General color dull brown. Vertex ( Fig. 1 View FIGURES 1 – 8 ) yellow brown, median carina feeble; anterior margin slightly acutely roundly produced, posterior margin anteriorly angularly produced, lateral margins almost parallel. Frons ( Fig. 2 View FIGURES 1 – 8 ) dark brown, median carina present; the area between submedian carinae and anterior margin of vertex black brown. Clypeus dark brown, paler in middle, laterally transversely obliquely striate. Antennae dark brown. Pronotum dull green brown; anterior margin slightly acutely produced between eyes; median carina obscure; with a fuscous pit beyond median carina, and with dark spots on disc. Mesonotum triangular, dark brown, with green shining; with median carina and lateral carinae. Tegmina ( Fig. 3 View FIGURES 1 – 8 ) with transverse veinlets among longitudinal veins, veins slightly green. Legs yellow brown, with dark brown stripes. Spinal formula of hind legs: 8­49 ­ 2.

Male genitalia: Anal segment ( Fig. 5 View FIGURES 1 – 8 ) in dorsal view almost rounded in apical 1 / 3, long striped in basal 2 / 3, anal foramen lies in apical 1 / 3. Genital styles ( Fig. 6 View FIGURES 1 – 8 ) almost triangular, base convex like a hook. Aedeagus ( Fig. 7­8 View FIGURES 1 – 8 ) ventrally convex triangularly, near apex with two anteroventally directed processes, apex also with two processes dorsally.

Female: General color is darker than that of male. Spinal formula of hind legs: 8 ­(40­ 42)­ 2.

Materials examined

Holotype. Male, China: Hainan, Qiongzhong, 20. iv. 1984 (S. L. Liu) ( TMNH). Paratype. 1 female, China: Hainan, 14. v. 1934 (C. He) ( IZCAS).


China: Hainan.


This species is similar to G. litaoensis Yang , but can be separated from the latter by vertex yellow brown (vertex grayish with basal portion somewhat green in G. litaoensis Yang ); spinal formula of hind legs: male 8­49 ­ 2; female 8 ­(40­42)­ 2 (spinal formula of hind legs: 7­35 ­ 2 in G. litaoensis Yang ).


This species is named for where it was collected.


Tianjin Museum of Natural History


Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences