Pseudomalus hypocritus (du Buysson, 1893), n. comb.

Rosa, Paolo, Wei, Na-sen & Xu, Zai-fu, 2014, An annotated checklist of the chrysidid wasps (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae) from China, ZooKeys 455, pp. 1-128: 24

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Pseudomalus hypocritus (du Buysson, 1893), n. comb.


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Chrysididae

82. Pseudomalus hypocritus (du Buysson, 1893), n. comb. 

Ellampus hypocrita  du Buysson, 1893: 246. Syntype ♀, Mongolia [= China]: Kansu-Yelisyn-Kuse (246 (descr.), depositories: ISEA-PAS, MNHN)*.

Ellampus hypocrita  : du Buysson 1911: 218 (China: Nan Chan, Chan Kin Hia, Tien Chouei Tsing, Koua Tchéou Kéou tsé, tax.); Bischoff 1913: 8 (Mongolia [= China], cat.).

Omalus hypocritus  : Kimsey and Bohart 1991: 248 (cat.).


China (Gansu, Shanxi).


After the examination of the syntype specimen in the Radoszkowski collection in ISEA-PAS, we have confirmed that the species belongs to the genus Pseudomalus  Ashmead sensu Kimsey and Bohart (1991).