Dactylorhiza maculata,

D. M. Moore (ed.), 1980, CCIII Orchidaceae, Flora Europaea, Vol 5: Alismataceae to Orchidaceae, Camebridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 325-350: 336

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.215522

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Dactylorhiza maculata


(11-13). D. maculata  group.

Tubers deeply 3- to 4-fid, more or less elongated at apex. Stem up to 60 cm, erect or slightly flexuous, usually solid. Leaves erecto-patent. Upper leaves bract-like. Raceme conical, becoming ovoid or oblong. Bracts lanceolate. Flowers yellowish-white, pink, lilac, reddish or purple. Outer perianth-segments ovate to oblong, obtuse, the 2 lateral patent, the median convergent into a galea with the obliquely ovate or ovate-lanceolate inner segments. Labellum 7-llx9-13m m, flat, 3-lobed; lateral lobes oblong-triangular, ovate, or inconspicuous. Spur shorter than to as long as ovary.

The distribution of 12 and 13 is difficult to ascertain because of frequent misidentification of specimens.

1 Middle lobe of labellum much narrower than the lateral 11. maculata 

1 Middle lobe of labellum about as wide as the lateral

2 Lower bracts usually shorter than flowers; spur 6-9 mm, cylindrical 12. fuchsii 

2 Lower bracts usually longer than flowers; spur 7-13 mm, saccate or conical-cylindrical 13. saccifera