Themus (Haplothemus) licenti Pic, 1938

Su, Junyan, Yang, Yuxia & Yang, Xingke, 2015, Description of three new species related to Themus (Haplothemus) coriaceipennis (Fairmaire, 1889) (Coleoptera: Cantharidae), Zootaxa 4034 (2), pp. 375-389: 383

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Themus (Haplothemus) licenti Pic, 1938


Themus (Haplothemus) licenti Pic, 1938 

Figs. 1View FIGURE 1 C, 5 B, 7

Themus licenti Pic, 1938: 161  .

Themus coriaceipennis ( Fairmaire, 1889)  : Wittmer 1983: 224, Figs 43, 111. [Misidentification.] Themus (Haplothemus) licenti: Yang et al., 2013: 7  , Fig. 3View FIGURE 3.

Type material examined. Holotype female ( MNHN): [p]“CHANSI. S.O. \ 22.VII. 35 ”, [p]“HO CHAN \ 2,255m ”, [h]“ Themus  \ licenti  n. sp. ”, [h]“ Themus  (s.str.) \ coriaceipennis  \ (Fairm.) \ det. W. Wittmer”, [p]“ HOLOTYPUS ”.

Additional material examined. CHINA: 1 male, 1 female ( MHBU): Shanxi, Lishan National Natural Reserve, 12.‒ 20.VII. 2013, leg. Yuan-Yuan Lu; 2 males, 1 female ( MHBU): Henan, Songxian, Baiyunshan, 17.VII. 2008, leg. Guang-Lin Xie; 2 males, 1 female ( MHBU): Hebei, Zhuolu, Yangjiaping, 10.‒ 24.VII. 2005, leg. Jing Li & Hui-Ran Hua; 1 male, 1 female ( MHBU): Beijing, Baihuashan, 1100m, 19.VIII. 2000, leg. Da-Kang Zhou.

Distribution. China (Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Henan, Shaanxi, Sichuan).

Supplementary description. Female. Abdominal sternite VIII ( Fig. 5View FIGURE 5 B) widely and roundly emarginated in middle of posterior margin, which is nearly triangular at apex of lateral portion beside middle emargination. Internal reproductive organ of genitalia ( Fig. 7View FIGURE 7): vagina stout, with diverticulum and spermatheca situated at apex, median oviduct in middle of ventral side; diverticulum boot-shaped, stout, nearly straight at apex and distinctly expanded on dorsal side; spermatheca sac-shaped, slightly short and distinctly expanded apically, provided with a slightly short and thin accessory gland near base; diverticulum and spermatheca surrounded with a strongly sclerotized ring at base, which is confluent in middle and extending to median oviduct on ventral side, the opening of spermatheca arising from middle of the sclerotized ring on dorsal side.

Remarks. Themus licenti Pic, 1938  was synonymized with T. coriaceipennis ( Fairmaire, 1889)  by Wittmer (1983), but recently it was resurrected by Yang et al. (2013). In the present study, the female genitalia of both species and the aedeagus of the latter species were available for comparison, which are distinctly different from each other, so both species were confirmed as valid.


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Themus (Haplothemus) licenti Pic, 1938

Su, Junyan, Yang, Yuxia & Yang, Xingke 2015

Themus coriaceipennis (

Yang 2013: 7
Wittmer 1983: 224

Themus licenti

Pic 1938: 161