Dignathodon microcephalus (Lucas, 1846)

Zapparoli, Marzio & Iorio, Etienne, 2012, The centipedes (Chilopoda) of Corsica: catalogue of species with faunistic, zoogeographical and ecological remarks, International Journal of Myriapodology 7, pp. 15-68: 29-30

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Dignathodon microcephalus (Lucas, 1846)


19. Dignathodon microcephalus (Lucas, 1846) 

Dignathodon microcephalum  [sic] Lucas: Léger and Duboscq 1903: 311. (1)

Dignathodon microcephalum  [sic] Luc.: Verhoeff 1925a: 655. (2)

Dignathodon clavigerum  Verhoeff 1943: 12, fig. 14. (3)

Dignathodon clavigerum  Verh.: Attems 1947: 138. (4)

Dignathodon microcephalum  [sic] (Lucas, 1846): Minelli 1978: 159. (5)

Dignathodon microcephalus  (Lucas, 1846): Foddai et al. 1996: 361, Tab. I. (6)

Dignathodon microcephalus  (Lucas, 1846): Geoffroy and Iorio 2009: 682. (7)

Literature records.

General. Sardinia-Corsica (5). Corsica (2, 6, 7). Epigeic. Corse-du-Sud, 2A - Ajaccio (1) [I]. Haute-Corse, 2B - Bastia (1) [I]. Corte (1) [I]. Marine de Sisco, "nahe dem Meer" (3, 4, loc. typ. of Dignathodon clavigerum  Verhoeff, 1943) [I]. Giraglia Is. (5) [I].

Material examined.

Epigeic. Corse-du-Sud, 2A - N Ajaccio, Golfe de Lava, 10-200 m, (code 74-6): 28.IX.1974, KT, 1 ♂ 77 lp MZ det. (NHMW) [I]. Haute-Corse, 2B - Patrimonio: 26.XI.1967, PB, 1 ♂ 79 lp EI det. (MNHN) [I].

General distribution.

Europe: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France (mainland, Corsica), Greece (mainland, insular including Crete), Italy (mainland, Sicily, Sardinia), Luxembourg (introduced?), Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Spain (mainland, Balearic Is.), Ukraine (Crimea); North Africa: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia; West Asia: Jordan, Israel, Syria, Turkey.



Ecological notes.

10-200 m; thermophilous species, recorded only from localities in the Mesomediterranean belt; common in Mediterranean habitats ( Minelli and Iovane 1987, Zapparoli 2002, 2006, 2009). There are no records for the habitat preferences of the local populations except for that of Verhoeff (1942), "nahe dem Meer".


The synonymy of Dignathodon clavigerum  with this species is according to Minelli (2006).