Tetramorium lanuginosum Mayr

Collingwood, C. A., Pohl, F., Güsten, R., Wranik, W., van Harten, A., 2004, The ants (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of the Socotra Archipelago, Fauna of Arabia 20, pp. 473-495: 481

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http://doi.org/ 0.5281/zenodo.12560

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Tetramorium lanuginosum Mayr


Tetramorium lanuginosum Mayr  , 1870 Fig. 7

Tetramorium lanuginosum Mayr  , 1870. - Verh. Zool.-Bot. Ces. Wien 20: 976. (Indonesia: Java).

Specimens examined: Yemen, Socotra Island:nest sample, Adho Dimello, base camp , 12°34N 54°02E, 940 m, 03.II.1999, H. Pohl, HLMD-Hym-2072, NHCY  .

Remarks: This species, likely of south-east Asian origin, is becoming an increasingly common tramp throughout tropical regions. It can be recognised by the smoothly rounded alitrunk dorsum and profuse long, often bifid body hairs.