Agathis sp.,

Scaramozzino, Pier Luigi, Loni, Augusto & Lucchi, Andrea, 2017, A review of insect parasitoids associated with Lobesiabotrana (Denis & Schiffermueller, 1775) in Italy. 1. DipteraTachinidae and HymenopteraBraconidae (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae), ZooKeys 647, pp. 67-100: 76

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Agathis sp.


Agathis sp. 

Agathis sp.  Delrio et al. 1987, Coscollá 1997

Italian distribution of reared parasitoids.

Sardinia: Delrio et al. 1987

Host range.

The cosmopolitan genus Agathis  Latreille, 1804, according to Yu (1997-2012) includes 162 species, 35 of which recorded in Europe (Fauna Europaea). They live on larvae of various microlepidoptera, especially Gelechioidea  , Pyraloidea  and Tortricoidea  , as solitary koinobiont endoparasitoid. Detailed information on Agathidinae  behavior can be found in Shaw and Huddleston (1991).

Ecological role.

In Sardinia Delrio et al. (1987) obtained, by Lobesia botrana  feeding on grape, an unidentified species of Agathis  which, in association with other species ( Elachertus affinis  Masi, Chelonus  sp. and Habrobracon  sp.), parasitized 10-12% of the first generation larvae and 5% of the second and third generation larvae.