Rhagadochir Endlerlein 1912

Miller, Kelly B., 2009, Genus- and family-group names in the order Embioptera (Insecta), Zootaxa 2055, pp. 1-34: 23

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.186678

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Rhagadochir Endlerlein 1912


Rhagadochir Endlerlein 1912  , spelling of type species

Enderlein (1909) described the species, Embia vossleri Enderlein  , apparently naming it in honor of the collector (“Gesammelt von Prof. Dr. Vossler” ( Enderlein 1909: 182). The correct name of the collector was, however “Vosseler,” not “Vossler,” as evident in the change of spelling of the species name (“ E. vosseleri  ”) and collector (“Vosseler”) by Krauss (1911) and Enderlein (1912). The change in spelling was accepted by Davis (1940 b) who explained Enderlein’s (1909) original spelling as a lapsis calami. Davis’s (1940 b) interpretation may be correct, since the clear intent by Enderlein was to name the species after a misspelling of Vosseler, which was an inadvertent error (Article 32.5.1). In this case, the spelling must be emended, which was done by Krauss (1911). Regardless, whether the emendation was justified or unjustified, the emended name E. vosseleri  has been in prevailing usage attributed to Enderlein (1909) for the last century (e.g. Davis 1940 b; Enderlein 1912; Krauss 1911; Szumik 2004), and can be deemed a justified emendation according to Article 33.2. 3.1. The correct species name is E. vosseleri Enderlein 1909  .