Anisembiidae Davis 1940

Miller, Kelly B., 2009, Genus- and family-group names in the order Embioptera (Insecta), Zootaxa 2055, pp. 1-34: 21

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Anisembiidae Davis 1940


Anisembiidae Davis 1940  , homonymy and authorship.

Ross (1940 b) and Davis (1940 c) proposed the name Anisembiidae  at the family rank the same year based on the same type genus, Anisembia Krauss 1911  . The date on Ross (1940 b) is “December, 1940 ” whereas the date on Davis (1940 c) is “Read 27 th November, 1940.” A note by Ross (1944: 434) reads, “Davis's 15 -day prior use of the name Anisembiidae  (1940 e) [sic] was due to an unexpectedly earlier mailing date of his publication.” Nevertheless, because of this, Anisembiidae Davis, 1940  c has priority. In some recent cases, however, (e.g. Ross 2003 b) Anisembiidae  is recognized at the family rank attributed to Davis (1940 c) but at the subfamily rank attributed to Ross (Ross 1940 b). According to the Principle of Coordination described in Article 36.1, Anisembiidae Davis 1940  c has priority over Anisembiidae Ross 1940  b at all family-group ranks and Anisembiidae Ross 1940  b is a junior homonym of Anisembiidae Davis 1940  c (and likewise Anisembiinae  Ross 1940 b is a junior homonym of Anisembiidae Davis 1940  c).