Miller, Kelly B., 2009, Genus- and family-group names in the order Embioptera (Insecta), Zootaxa 2055, pp. 1-34: 21

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Anisembiinae  Davis 1940, status of tribes

Ross (2003 b) attempted to establish a tribal classification of the subfamily Anisembiinae  , but (as explained by Engel and Grimaldi (2006 )) most of his new tribal names are not available under the Code. To be available, a new family-group name; 1) must be explicitly indicated as new (Article 16.1), 2) must cite the name of the type genus (Article 16.2), and 3) must diagnose the taxon in words, cite a reference to a published description, or be expressly proposed as a new replacement name (Articles 13.1.1- 3). Most of the new tribe names proposed by Ross (2003 b) fail to satisfy one or more of these conditions. As a result, they are unavailable. Within Anismebiinae, two tribal names were historically available and used in the classification by Ross (2003 b), Mesembiini Ross and Anisembiini  Davis. The only new tribe name proposed by Ross (2003 b) that satisfies conditions for availability set by the code is Poinarembiini  Ross. The following names are each nomina nuda:

Exochosembiini  Ross 2003 b, nomen nudum

Isosembiini  Ross 2003 b, nomen nudum

Saussurembiini Ross 2003 b and Saussurembini  Ross 2003 b, nomen nudum and nomen incorrectum since it is inappropriately formed from an available genus or is based on a non-existent genus “ Saussurembus ”

Stenembiini  Ross 2003 b, nomen nudum