Opisthacanthus heurtaultae Lourenco , 1980

Ythier, Eric, 2018, A synopsis of the scorpion fauna of French Guiana, with description of four new species, ZooKeys 764, pp. 27-90: 54

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Opisthacanthus heurtaultae Lourenco , 1980


Opisthacanthus heurtaultae Lourenco, 1980 


Lourenço 1980, Lourenço 1983, Fet et al. 2000, Lourenço and Fé 2003, Lourenço 2017.


Degrad Saramaca, surroundings of Kourou, forest patches of Degrad path, one male (holotype), MNHN-RS-8085, mission M. Boulard & P. Pompanon coll., 18/VIII/1975.


Total length 63.9 mm for male holotype. General coloration reddish brown. Carapace dark brown with some lighter zones; ocular tubercle slightly darker. Tergites dark brown with some lighter zones in the middle of tergites. Sternites greyish yellow, the VII darker; pectines and genital operculum greyish yellow, lighter than the sternites. Metasomal segments dark reddish brown with some lighter zones forming reddish yellow spots. Vesicle yellowish, darker around the articulation with metasomal segment V; aculeus yellowish at the base and reddish at the tip. Chelicerae dark yellow with reddish fingers. Pedipalps reddish brown with some darker zones; fingers darker. Legs reddish brown with some lighter spots, yellowish. Carapace strongly emarginated, with moderate granulation. Tergites with moderate granulation, better marked posteriorly. Pectinal tooth count 11-10 in male. Sternites smooth; spiracles linear. Metasomal segments rounded, all carinae weakly marked; segment V with spinoid granulations ventrally. Telson elongate, without any carinae; aculeus quite short compared to vesicle. Pedipalp femur with five carinae, four well-marked and one vestigial, intercarinal space smooth; patella and chela with several big granules forming incomplete carinae; chela long and flattened, dorsal and ventral sides smooth and shiny, lateral sides with strong granulations; fingers smooth, movable finger with a basal lobe. Numerous reddish yellow setae on the body, pedipalps, legs, and vesicle.