Agrilus hunanus Jendek

Jendek, Eduard & Grebennikov, Vasily V., 2009, Revision of the Agrilus muscarius species-group (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) with description of thirteen new species from Palaearctic and Oriental regions, Zootaxa 2168, pp. 1-33: 16-17

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.275076

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Agrilus hunanus Jendek

sp. nov.

Agrilus hunanus Jendek  , sp. nov.

Figs. 17View FIGURES 13 – 18, 46View FIGURES 34 – 49, 66View FIGURES 58 – 76

Diagnosis. This species is similar to A. apicaureus  by the body shape and the arrangement of elytral pubescence, but it is easily distinguishable by the shape of the aedeagus.

Description (Holotype): Body form, color and pubescence as in Fig. 17View FIGURES 13 – 18. Head small, convex; eyes slightly protruding from head outline.

Pronotum conspicuously convergent apicad, sides subparallel in basal third, then conspicuously arcuately convergent to apex; apical pronotal margin subtruncate, distinctly narrower than basal margin; posterior angles obtusely rectangular; pronotal disk strikingly convex, vaguely impressed at base; lateral impressions absent; prehumerus extending to about half of pronotal length, sharply costate, arcuate, with apex distinctly distant from marginal carina (lateral view).

Elytra without humeral carinae; elytra faintly bichromatic, black with bronze apex combined with white and golden –reddish ornamental pubescence; apices widely separately arcuate.

Prosternum ( Fig. 46View FIGURES 34 – 49): Prosternal lobe large, with apical margin distinctly incised medially; prosternal process sharply tricuspidate, sides distinctly arcuately expanded, disk feebly impressed, with lateral corners somewhat protruding ventrad. Apex of last abdominal ventrite vaguely emarginate.

Aedeagus ( Fig. 66View FIGURES 58 – 76).

Length. Holotype 4.1 mm.

Sexual dimorphism. Female unknown.

Variability. Unknown.

Type series. Holotype 3 ( EJCB): “ China: Hunnan province, Huitong, 400–600 m ”. Type locality. China, Hunan province, Huitong [= Lincheng, 109 ° 42 'E, 26 ° 52 'N], 400– 600 m.

Distribution. China: Hunan.

Etymology. The name is derived from the name of Chinese province Hunan, where the holotype of this species was collected.