Microporella ciliata (Pallas, 1766)

Gerovasileiou, Vasilis & Rosso, Antonietta, 2016, Marine Bryozoa of Greece: an annotated checklist, Biodiversity Data Journal 4, pp. 10672-10672: 10672

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Microporella ciliata (Pallas, 1766)


Microporella ciliata (Pallas, 1766) 


This taxon corresponds to a complex of species ( Rosso et al. 2010, Rosso and Di Martino 2016). Recorded by Harmelin 1969, Castritsi-Catharios and Marcopoulou-Diacantoni 1983, Castritsi-Catharios et al. 1986a, Ganias 1990, Antoniadou and Chintiroglou 2005.