Eupolybothrus grossipes (C.L. Koch, 1847),

Pavel Stoev, 2001, On the centipedes (Chilopoda) of the Republic of Macedonia, Historia naturalis bulgarica 13, pp. 93-107: 98

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Eupolybothrus grossipes (C.L. Koch, 1847)


Eupolybothrus grossipes (C.L. Koch, 1847)  group

Material examined: Shar planina Mts. 1 fm., near  Leshnitza Chalet and  Krivoshijska River, 1,480-2,200 m a.s.l., 20.07.1995, V. Sakalian, G. Blagoev & A. Lapeva leg  .

Remarks. This single female very much resembles E. grossipes  , but without enough specimens at disposal, it could not be reliably determined.