Oedodera Bauer, Jackman, Sadlier & Whitaker, 2006

Bauer, Aaron M., Jackman, Todd R., Sadlier, Ross A. & Whitaker, Anthony H., 2012, Revision of the giant geckos of New Caledonia (Reptilia: Diplodactylidae: Rhacodactylus), Zootaxa 3404, pp. 1-52: 13

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.211734

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Oedodera Bauer, Jackman, Sadlier & Whitaker, 2006


Oedodera Bauer, Jackman, Sadlier & Whitaker, 2006 

Content. Oedodera marmorata Bauer, Jackman, Sadlier & Whitaker, 2006  ( Fig. 3View FIGURE 3 A)

Type species: Oedodera marmorata Bauer, Jackman, Sadlier & Whitaker, 2006  by original designation.

Diagnosis. Oedodera  may be distinguished from all other New Caledonian diplodactylid genera by the following combination of character states: body size small (to 61 mm SVL); head large, neck distinctly swollen, nearly as wide as the widest part of head; tail to 93 % of SVL; dorsal scalation granular, homogeneous; body without extensive skin webs or flaps; expanded, undivided subdigital lamellae under all toes; reduced claw of digit I of manus and pes situated between an asymmetrical pair of apical scansors; digit I of pes only with a small rounded scale on medial side in gap between subdigital lamellae and apical scansors; medial apical scansor present on digit II of one or more feet (condition variable); precloacal pores in two or three short rows (fewer than 20 pores in total) not extending onto thighs, females with precloacal slits or pits without secretory material; dorsal pattern of marbled or reticulated brown; venter distinctly yellowish.

Distribution. Oedodera  is limited to maquis habitat on ultramafic substrates in the far northwest of New Caledonia.

Remarks. Since the description of O. marmorata  , from Paagoumène, additional populations of Oedodera  have been discovered and their taxonomic status is currently under review.