Phanerotoma (Bracotritoma) ponti , Edmardash, Yusuf Abd-Elaziz, Abdel-Dayem, Mahmoud Saleh & Gadallah, Neveen Samy, 2011

Edmardash, Yusuf Abd-Elaziz, Abdel-Dayem, Mahmoud Saleh & Gadallah, Neveen Samy, 2011, The subfamily Cheloninae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) from Egypt, with the description of two new species, ZooKeys 115, pp. 85-102: 91

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Phanerotoma (Bracotritoma) ponti

sp. n.

Phanerotoma (Bracotritoma) ponti  ZBK  sp. n.


(Figs 29-37) ♀: Length of body: 3.4 mm. Length of fore wing: 2.4 mm.

Colour: Generally yellowish-brown, with the following parts dark brown to black: stemmaticum, mesoscutum (especially laterally), metanotum, sides of scutellum, propodeum posteriorly, third metasomal tergite (T3) (except laterally), pterostigma (except basal and apical 0.2), parastigma, apex and sub-basal part of middle tibia (except extreme apex which is paler), apical 0.3 and subbasal ring of hind tibia, apical half of hind basitarsus and telotarsus; apical eight antennal flagellomeres, tegula and humeral plate slightly pale brown; vein 1-M slightly paler than parastigma; apical third of fore wing infuscate; middle tibia whitish medially and basally.

Head: Slightly wider than maximum width of mesosoma; eyes slightly divergent below; preapical antennal flagellomeres cylindrical, slightly narrowed basally, apical flagellomere 1.1 times length of preapical one, scape slightly wider than first flagellomere; vertex and frons with fine transverse striae; face nearly smooth; inner tooth of mandible slightly shorter than outer tooth; length of eye in dorsal view nearly twice as long as temple; POL twice diameter of posterior ocellus; POL 0.6 times OOL; length of malar space 0.7 times basal width of mandible; longitudinal eye diameter as long as transverse diameter.

Mesosoma: Mesoscutum finely granulated; propodeum finely punctate. Fore wing with vein r as long as vein 3-SR; maximum width of pterostigma 1.7 times vein 3-SR; veins 2-SR and 1-SR straight; middle tibia without distinct blister; outer hind tibial spur 1.1 times the inner one and 0.3 times basitarsus, basitarsus about 0.9 times as long as following tarsomeres combined.

Metasoma: Ovoid, more or less parallel-sided, narrowed posteriorly; metasomal T1 and T2 with irregular fine longitudinal striae, T3 with dense reticulations, its maximum length slightly more than 1.3 times of that of T2; ovipositor not protruding beyond apex of metasoma.

Male: Unknown.


This species is closely related to Phanerotoma (Bracotritoma) bouceki  van Achterberg, but ponti hasthe parastigma dark brown, vein 1-M slightly paler than in bouceki, middle tibia is darker and the blister of the middle tibia is much less apparent than in bouceki.


This species is named in the honour of Dr. Adrian Pont (Oxford University Museum of Natural History, UK).

Type Material.

Holotype, ♀, Gabal Elba - El Shallal (22°2'59.604"N; 36°32'4.2"E), 15.II.2010. [CUC].