Lordiphosa denticeps species group

Fartyal, Rajendra S., Sati, Pradeep C., Pradhan, Sushmika, Kandpal, Mukul C., Toda, Masanori J., Chatterjee, Rabindra N., Singh,, 2017, A review of the genus Lordiphosa Basden in India, with descriptions of four new species from the Himalayan region (Diptera, Drosophilidae), ZooKeys 688, pp. 49-79: 49

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Lordiphosa denticeps species group


Lordiphosa denticeps species group 

Drosophila (Hirtodrosophila) denticeps  species-group, Okada, 1967: 3.

Lordiphosa denticeps  species-group: Zhang, 1993b: 144.


Male foreleg tarsomeres I to III often with sex combs (Figs 1B, 2D). Surstylus with numerous recurved setae on ventral portion of inner surface in addition to primary prensisetae on caudobasal margin (Figs 1C, 2F). Ventral margin of cercus tapering or truncated, fringed with a row of stout spines (Figs 1C, 2F). Aedeagus membranous, hirsute apically, fused with posterior, roof-like gonopod (Figs 1E, 2H). Oviscapt with numerous lateral ovisensilla (Figs 1F, 2I).


Okada (1967) proposed the denticeps  group as a new species group of Hirtodrosophila  (a subgenus of Drosophila  at that time), including two species so far described, denticeps  Okada & Sasakawa, 1956 and tripartita  Okada, 1966. However, it had been noticed that these two species have aberrant morphological characters inconsistent with the definition of Hirtodrosophila  . Three more species were subsequently added to this species group ( Okada 1971, Singh and Gupta 1981). Then Okada (1990) transferred the members of this species group to Lordiphosa  (a subgenus of Drosophila  at that time), but considered that the denticeps  group was synonymous with the nigricolor  group proposed by Laštovka and Máca (1978). Then, Grimaldi (1990) elevated Lordiphosa  to the generic rank, and Zhang (1993b) resurrected and redefined the denticeps  group as a species group independent from the nigricolor  group in the genus Lordiphosa  .

Key to Indian species of the denticeps  group