Tetramorium chefketi Forel,

Güsten, R., Schulz, A. & Sanetra, M., 2006, Redescription of Tetramorium forte Forel, 1904 (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Formicidae), a western Mediterranean ant species., Zootaxa 1310, pp. 1-35: 26

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Tetramorium chefketi Forel


Tetramorium chefketi Forel  HNS  , 1911

Tetramorium caespitum var. chefketi Forel  HNS  , 1911

Tetramorium chefketi Forel  HNS  : Agosti & Collingwood 1987a, 1987b

According to Agosti and Collingwood (1987a), the species (misspelled “chefteki”), which was described from the European part of Turkey, occurs also in Greece and Anatolia. We compared specimens from these areas with the worker syntypes (MHNG) and support this view. Schulz (1996) presented characters differentiating T. chefketi  HNS  from the closely similar T. moravicum  HNS  and T. forte  HNS  , and Sanetra and Buschinger (2000) as well as Schlick-Steiner et al. (2005) studied its phylogenetic position in relation to T. forte  HNS  , T. moravicum  HNS  and T. semilaeve  HNS  . Csösz et al. (unpubl.) ascribe the paralectotypes of T. forte  HNS  from Alušta (Crimea, Ukraine) to T. caespitum sarkissiani Forel  HNS  , 1911 and regard that taxon as synonymous to T. chefketi  HNS  , which has equal priority.