Euschistus (Euschistus) palacitus Rolston 1971

Bianchi, Filipe Michels, Barão, Kim Ribeiro & Grazia, Jocelia, 2017, Review of the sulcacitus group of Euschistus (Pentatomidae: Pentatominae: Carpocorini) with description of the internal female genitalia and a new species, Zootaxa 4362 (3), pp. -1--1: -1

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Euschistus (Euschistus) palacitus Rolston 1971


Euschistus (Euschistus) palacitus Rolston 1971 

( Figs 3View FIGURES 1–5, 12–14View FIGURES 6–20, 24View FIGURES 21–26, 33–35View FIGURES 27–41, 51–53View FIGURES 45–59, 62View FIGURES 60–64)

Male genitalia: Pygophore quadrate. Dorsal rim constricted anterolaterally, in dorsal view ( Fig. 12View FIGURES 6–20); median projection of dorsal rim short, sinuosity shallow; superior processes of dorsal rim present, tooth-like, one dorsal to paramere and the other laterally to superior layer of ventral rim laterally ( Fig. 13View FIGURES 6–20). Ventral rim bilobed, concave medially in ventral view ( Fig. 14View FIGURES 6–20). In posterior view, ventral rim smooth. Paramere: margin connecting basal and apical process deeply concave; apical process rounded apically; middle process developed, rounded and slightly projected ( Fig. 24View FIGURES 21–26).

Female genitalia: Posterior margin of gonocoxites VIII concave; posterolateral margin of gonocoxites VIII projected posteriorly, reaching at most middle of gonocoxites IX. Gonocoxites IX around 2.5 times wider than long, somewhat trapezoidal, lateral margins strongly rounded; anterior and posterior margins of gonocoxites IX straight ( Fig. 51View FIGURES 45–59). Laterotergites IX surpassing dorsal band that unites laterotergites VIII in posteroventral view. Posterior region of ductus receptaculi proximalis dilated in a cup-like sclerotized structure. Ductus receptaculi distalis slightly dilated adjacent to anterior annular flange. Pars intermedialis sclerotized apically ( Fig. 62View FIGURES 60–64).