Toxomerus picudus Mengual

Mengual, Ximo, 2011, Black-tie dress code: two new species of the genus Toxomerus (Diptera, Syrphidae), ZooKeys 140, pp. 1-26: 1

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Toxomerus picudus Mengual

sp. n.

Toxomerus picudus Mengual  ZBK  sp. n. Figures 16, 17, 21, 23


FEMALE. Head: Face with distinct low facial tubercle, more pointed forward than rounded, yellow with two submedial black vittae that reach oral margin, brownish lateroventrally, scarcely yellow pilose; gena brown to black; lunule yellow, yellow also between antennal bases; frons yellow laterally with broad medial black vitta that surrounds antennal bases and continues with the two submedial facial vittae, yellow-golden pilose; vertical triangle shiny black, black pilose; antennae on small produced tubercle, antenna orangish, basoflagellomere dark brown dorsally; arista brown, bare (Fig. 21); eye bare, lateral triangular eye emargination large, approximately the half of eye width in lateral view; occiput with dorsal knob posterior to ocellar triangle, black, grey pollinose, yellow pilose on ventral 2/3 and black pilose on dorsal 1/3 (Fig. 23).

Thorax: Scutum shiny, bronze pollinose very anteriorly, with a continuous lateral yellow vitta, yellow pilose; postpronotum yellow, bare; notopleuron yellow with a black vitta on the lateral side narrowing the lateral yellow scutal vitta; supra-alar area and postalar callus yellow; scutellum black with well-defined lateral yellow vitta, slightly narrowed apically, black pilose, subscutellar fringe absent (Figs 16, 17). Pleuron mostly black, except posterior anepisternum yellow on posterior third and katepisternum with dorsal broad yellow macula; metasternum bare; calypter yellow; plumula yellow; halter bright yellow; posterior spiracular fringes yellow. Wing: Wing membrane hyaline, stigma brown; extensively microtrichose, except costal cell bare, cell R1 bare beyond RS furcation until the middle of the stigma, cell R bare basal to furcation of RS, cell BM bare on basal fourth and on anterior margin, cell CuP bare on anterior margin. Alula microtrichose. Legs: Proleg yellow except coxa black, yellow pilose; mesoleg yellow except coxa black, mesofemur black on apical half with apical tip yellow, mesotarsi orangish; metaleg black except femur yellow on basal third and on apical tip, tibia yellow on basal tip and on apical 1/6-1/5 (Figs 16, 17).

Abdomen: Slightly oval, distinctively convex, unmargined. Dorsum shiny black, black pilose; terga 2, 3, 4 and 5 with lateral margins yellow forming a continuous lateral yellow vitta, barely interrupted at the posterior margin of tergum 4. Sterna shiny black; sterna 1 and 2 with brownish-yellow fascia on posterior margin (Figs 16, 17).

Differential diagnosis.

Species with yellow face with two sublateral black vittae, and eye with triangular emargination large, approximately the half of eye width in lateral view. Profemur yellow; cell BM bare on basal third and on anterior and posterior margins. Scutum shiny black with lateral yellow vitta and abdomen shiny black, convex, with lateral margins entirely yellow. Very similar to Toxomerus hauseri  sp. n. but differs by having costal cell entirely bare, at most few microtrichia apically, metafemur black apically, yellow on basal third, and occiput with dorsal knob posterior to ocellar triangle pointing posteriorly. Moreover, the submedial black facial vittae reach oral margin in Toxomerus picudus  but not in Toxomerus hauseri  .


: body, 6.2 mm; wing, 5.1 mm.




The specific epithet is derived from the Spanish picudo that means having a knob, protuberance. It refers to the dorsal occipital knob that this species has. Species epithet is treated as adjective.

Type locality.

ECUADOR: Orellana Province, Aguarico Canton, Tiputini Biodiversity Station, 227 m., 0°38'13.73"S, 76°08'59.62"W, collected using a Sante trap, upper jar, A. Tishechkin leg.

Type specimen.

Holotype female, pinned. Original label: "ECUADOR: Orellana Prov, Tiputini / Biodiversity Stan, Canopy 30m, Sante / trap, upper jar, 29.VII-3.VIII.2008. / AT1090, A. Tishechkin" "HOLOTYPE / Toxomerus / picudus / Mengual 2011" [red, handwritten except first line] (♀, CSCA).