Microrhagus Dejean, 1833

Seung, Jinbae & Lee, Seunghwan, 2018, Taxonomic review of genus Microrhagus Dejean, 1833 from Korea, with description of a new species (Coleoptera, Eucnemidae, Melasinae, Dirhagini), ZooKeys 781, pp. 81-95: 81

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Microrhagus Dejean, 1833


Genus Microrhagus Dejean, 1833 

Microrhagus  Dejean, 1833: 85. Type species: Elater pygmaeus  Fabricius, 1792.


Head: pits present between eyes and antennal sockets; frontoclypeal region strongly narrowed at base; antennae serrate or pectinate; antennomere III not longer than antennomeres IV–V combined. Prothorax: pronotal lateral carina divided into anterolateral carina and posterolateral carina; notosternal antennal grooves well developed. Pterothorax: mesepimeron fused with mesepisternum; metepisternum subparallel-sided or widened posteriorly; metacoxal plate expanded inward. Leg: male protarsomere I with apical sex-comb; metatarsomere I not shorter than metatarsomeres II–III combined, metatarsomere IV slightly dilated. Abdomen: abdominal ventrites connate; abdominal ventrite V obtusely produced or simply rounded at apex in ventral view; median lobe of aedeagus bifurcate at apex and secondary lateral lobes small ( de Bonvouloir 1872; Reitter 1921; Fleutiaux 1923, 1935; Hisamatsu 1960, 1985; Muona 2000).

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