Tetramorium forte Forel,

Güsten, R., Schulz, A. & Sanetra, M., 2006, Redescription of Tetramorium forte Forel, 1904 (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Formicidae), a western Mediterranean ant species., Zootaxa 1310, pp. 1-35: 2

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Tetramorium forte Forel


The name we stabilize here for this taxon, Tetramorium forte Forel  HNS  , 1904, has occasionally been applied to other taxonomic species, including eastern European ones (e.g. T. moravicum Kratochvil  HNS  , 1941), while T. forte  HNS  as defined here has often been referred to by its junior synonyms T. ruginode Stitz  HNS  , 1917 or T. hispanicum Bondroit  HNS  , 1918. The prevalent confusion has been at least partly caused by the type material containing several taxonomic species. Thus, to achieve nomenclatural stability for this ant species after 100 years, a lectotype of T. forte  HNS  is designated.