Nephus (Nephus) incisus (Har. Lindberg, 1950 ),

Romanowski, Jerzy, Ceryngier, Piotr, Větrovec, Jaroslav & Szawaryn, Karol, 2019, The Coccinellidae (Coleoptera) from Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Zootaxa 4646 (1), pp. 101-123: 109

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Nephus (Nephus) incisus (Har. Lindberg, 1950 )

comb. nov.

Nephus (Nephus) incisus (Har. Lindberg, 1950)  , comb. nov.

( Fig. 5View FIGURE 5 A–H)

Scymnus incisus Har. Lindberg 1950: 7  .

Material examined. Type series: HOLOTYPE ( MZH), “ Gran Canaria, Arucas, 27.03.49, Lindberg/ Mus. Zool . H:fors, Spec . typ. No. 2500, Scymnus incisus Har. Lindb. / Scymnus incisus m.?, Harald Lindberg det./ Nephus pey- erimhoffi Sic. , H. Fürsch 86/ Photographed 2018, Pekka Malinen ”  ; PARATYPES ( MZH), same label data (1 ex.), same label data but 02.03.49 (10 exx.).   

Total of 161 specimens collected from C. equisetifolia  , N. oleander  , Olea europaea  L., Bougainvillea  sp. and succulents at 11 localities on Fuerteventura: Barranco de las Penitas (29.III.2017, 05.VIII.2017), Betancuria (25. III.2017, 05.VIII.2017), Caleta de Fuste (13.II.2017, 30.III.2017), Costa Calma (05.12.2016, 20.01.2017, 08– 09.II.2017, 11–12.II.2017, 13.III.2017, 21–22.III.2017, 27.III.2017, 04.VIII.2017, 09.VIII.2017), Grandtarajal (03. VIII.2017), Jandia (30.IX.2017), Lajares (10.02.2017), La Lajita (13.02.2017, 23.03.2017), La Pared (30.09.2016, 26.III.2017, 04.VIII.2017, 07.VIII.2017, 12.VIII.2017), Mal Nombre (06.VIII.2017) and Tarajalejo (24.III.2017).

Distribution. Endemic Canarian species (see remarks below), present on La Palma, La Gomera, Tenerife and Gran Canaria ( Oromí & Báez 2010). By some authors ( Fürsch 1987; Eizaguirre 2007; Nicolas 2010) reported from the Canary Islands under the name Nephus peyerimhoffi ( Sicard, 1923)  . New to Fuerteventura.

Remarks. The species was synonymized with N. peyerimhoffi ( Sicard, 1923)  by Fürsch (1987). Canepari (2009) examined specimens of N. peyerimhoffi  from Sardinia and stated that the two species are clearly separate. He resurrected Scymnus incisus  from the synonymy with N. peyerimhoffi  , without examination of the type series of S. incisus  nor other specimens from the Canary Islands. He placed that species in original genus of its description, Scymnus Kugelann. Our  study revealed that type specimens of S. incisus  have identical male genitalia as our specimens collected from Fuerteventura (depicted in Fig. 5View FIGURE 5 E–H) but different from those of N. peyerimhoffi  pictured in Canepari (2009). Therefore, we confirmed that S. incisus  and N. peyerimhoffi  are different species. Moreover, incomplete abdominal postcoxal lines not reaching anterior or lateral margins of abdomen and 10-segmented antennae clearly place S. incisus  in the nominate subgenus of the genus Nephus Mulsant. Thus  , N. peyerimhoffi  should be deleted from the list of ladybird beetles inhabiting the Canary Islands.


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Nephus (Nephus) incisus (Har. Lindberg, 1950 )

Romanowski, Jerzy, Ceryngier, Piotr, Větrovec, Jaroslav & Szawaryn, Karol 2019

Scymnus incisus Har. Lindberg 1950: 7

Lindberg, H. 1950: 7