Heteroponera Mayr 1887

Taylor, Robert W., 2015, Australasian ants of the subfamily Heteroponerinae (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): (2) the species-group of Heteroponera relicta (Wheeler), with descriptions of nine new species and observations on, Zootaxa 3947 (2), pp. 151-180: 157-158

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Heteroponera Mayr 1887


Genus Heteroponera Mayr 1887 

See Bolton et al. (2007) for synonymy and taxonomic history. The generic epithets Paranomopone Wheeler, 1915  and Anacanthoponera Wheeler, 1923  , are established junior synonyms of Heteroponera ( Brown, 1952)  . Heteroponera  has been discussed by several past authors as a possible junior synonym of Acanthoponera Mayr 1862  .

Heteroponera  may be identified in Australia using the keys of Hoelldobler & Wilson (1990), Bolton (1994) and Shattuck (1999), notably regarding distinction from the ectatommine genus Rhytidoponera  . Note however that some small sympatric Rhytidoponera  species (relatives of Rhytidoponera tenuis Forel  —see Brown, 1958, Appendix: notes 15, 16, 27.) commonly present in North Queensland berlesates and other bulk samples which include H. relicta- group specimens, lack allegedly diagnostic supplementary teeth on the pretarsal claws, but are otherwise readily discriminated from Heteroponera  .