Coelotes thailandensis Dankittipakul & Wang, 2003,

Dankittipakul, Pakawin, Chami-Kranon, Thanaphum & Wang, Xin-Ping, 2005, Amaurobiidae) from Thailand, Zootaxa 970, pp. 1-11: 7-8

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Coelotes thailandensis Dankittipakul & Wang, 2003


Coelotes thailandensis Dankittipakul & Wang, 2003 

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Material examined. HOLOTYPE: ɗ ( MHNG), northern THAILAND, Chiang Rai Province, Wiang Pa Phao District, Khun Jae National Park, Doi Mae Toh, Mae Toh Waterfall, leg. S. Sonthichai & P. Dankittipakul.

New material: 1 Ψ, Chiang Mai Province, Chom Thong District, Doi Inthanon National Park, Doi Inthanon, evergreen hill forest, 1630 m – 1680 m, 21.XII. 2004, leg. T. Chami­Kranon & S. Sonthichai.

Remarks. The male holotype of C. thailandensis  was described from an evergreen forest in Chiang Rai Province but the corresponding female was then not known. Later, Ramirez & Grismado collected males and females of Coelotes  on Doi Inthanon, approximately 100 km away from the type locality of C. thailandensis  . The palp of one of the males examined by Ramirez & Grismado ( Fig. 12View FIGURES 9 – 12) resembles that of the holotype of C. thailandensis  ( Fig. 11View FIGURES 9 – 12) except for its distinctively shorter patellar apophysis. We consider this difference as intraspecific variation. Recently we collected a female specimen in the same area and believe that it also belongs to C. thailandensis  . It is described in the following and can be recognized by an elongate epigynal atrium ( Fig. 9View FIGURES 9 – 12) and by a strongly sclerotized internal genital structure with thickened ducts ( Fig. 10View FIGURES 9 – 12).

Description. Ψ Total length 10.63. Carapace 5.31 long, 3.84 wide.

Eye sizes and interdistances: AME 0.18, ALE 0.24, PME 0.21, PLE 0.22; AME –AME 0.16, AME –ALE 0.17, PME –PME 0.10, PME –PLE 0.22, ALE –PLE 0.10; MOQ 0.65 long, front width 0.50, back width 0.56. Cheliceral groove with 3 promarginal and 4 retromarginal teeth.

Leg formula 4123 (23.56, 22.50, 19.75, 17.79). Leg measurements: femora: I 5.34, II 4.96, III 4.55, IV 5.80; patellae: I 1.38, II 1.10, III 0.99, IV 1.41; tibiae: I 6.90, II 5.81, III 5.15, IV 7.11; metatarsi: I 5.68, II 5.03, III 4.85, IV 6.33; tarsi: I 3.20, II 2.85, III 2.25, IV 2.91.

Epigyne ( Figs 9–10View FIGURES 9 – 12): posterior margin slightly concave; atrium longitudinally elongate; epigynal teeth small, situated laterally, relatively far away from each other; internal structure strongly sclerotized; copulatory ducts indistinct (the anteriorly extended ends of the spermathecae might be the copulatory ducts); spermathecae short and thick; fertilization ducts of normal shape.

Natural history. Coelotes thailandensis  inhabits evergreen hill forests between 1400 m and 1680 m. The male holotype was collected from an irregular sheet­web in a rotten log. The female was collected from a PVC tube (3 cm diameter) on the forest floor.

Distribution. Known from the provinces of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, northern Thailand.


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