Cryptochironomus javae Kieffer, 1924

Yan, Chuncai, Liu, Ting, Cao, Wei, Zhao, Guangjun & Liu, Wenbin, 2018, A review of the Japanese Cryptochironomus Kieffer, 1918 (Diptera, Chironomidae), ZooKeys 771, pp. 139-155: 141

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Cryptochironomus javae Kieffer, 1924


Cryptochironomus javae Kieffer, 1924 

Cryptochironomus javae  Kieffer, 1924: 264; Sublette and Sublette 1973: 403; Sasa and Hasegawa 1983: 323; Sasa and Kawai 1987: 61.

Diagnostic characters.

According to Sasa and Hasegawa (1983: 323, Fig. 3K). Total length 4.84 mm, wing length 2.22 mm. AR 2.44, LR1 1. 89, frontal tubercles present. Mid and hind with two tibial spurs. Anal point short and wide. Superior volsella pad-like, bearing two setae at apex; inferior volsella tuberculate, covered by superior volsella completely, bearing two setae at apex, free microtrichia. Gonostylus wide and short, with almost straight inner margin, rounded apically.


Japan; Indonesia.