Costitachys Erwin, 1974

Boyd, Olivia F. & Erwin, Terry L., 2016, Taxonomic review of New World Tachyina (Coleoptera, Carabidae): descriptions of new genera, subgenera, and species, with an updated key to the subtribe in the Americas, ZooKeys 626, pp. 87-123: 96

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Costitachys Erwin, 1974


Taxon classification Animalia Coleoptera Carabidae

Genus Costitachys Erwin, 1974 

Type species.

Costitachys inusitatus  Erwin, 1974.


Mentum without foveae; foretibia with apicolateral notch; body subdepressed, flavotestaceous, shiny; head with single pair of supraorbital setae; basal protarsomere of male dilated, medially dentiform; head (3), pronotum (5), and elytron (8) with prominent longitudinal carinae; ABL = 1.7-2.6 mm.


Known from sandy riparian habitats throughout the Amazon basin, from the eastern Andes of Ecuador and Perú to the Atlantic coast of South America (Erwin 1974; Erwin and Kavanaugh 1999, 2007).