Myrmoteras bakeri, Wheeler

Agosti, D., 1992, Revision of the ant genus Myrmoteras in the Malay Archipelago (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)., Revue Suisse de Zoologie 99, pp. 405-429: 414

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Myrmoteras bakeri


bakeri Wheeler  

Myrmoteras bakeri Wheeler   , 1919: 145. Syntypes 1 queen and 3 males, E- Malaysia, Sabah. Sandakan, Baker, MCZC [not examined]   , [See Moffett, 1985: figs 25, 28.]

Diagnosis (two workers). TL 1.23-1.25, HL 0.88, HW 0.86-0.89, Cl 98-102, SL 0.94-0.92, SI 107-109, EL 0.56-0.58, ML 1.33-1.34, MI 152-153, PF 5/3.

Yellowish brown species, head in full frontal view, occiput and dorsum of alitrunk smooth and shining. Frontal sulcus distinct, one carina parallel to the inner margin of the eyes up to the occipital comers.

M. bakeri   differs from ivani   by the sculpture or the dorsal parts of pronotum and the mesonotum.

Material examined: 3 workers, E- Malaysia, Sabah, Poring Hot Springs, 500 m, 6.v. 1987 (D.H. Burckhardt and I. Löbl), Dipoterocarpaceae   forest, sifting of rotting logs with mushrooms in a gap of the forest and dead leaves at the base of trees within the forest: 12 workers, 2 deleate queens, E- Malaysia   . Sabah, Poring Hot Springs, 550-600 m, 9.v. 1987 (D.H. Burckhardt and 1. Löbl). Dipterocarpaceae   forest, sifting of dead leaves and rotten log   ; E- Malaysia, Sabah, Poring Hot Springs, 500 m. 11 .v.1987 (D.H. Burckhardt and I. Löbl), Dipterocarpaceae   forest, sifting at the base of old trees and on mushrooms near a stream   ; E- Malaysia, Sabah, Poring Hot Springs, 500 m (D.H. Burckhardt and I. Löbl), sifting of dry leaf litter at the base of old trees   ; E- Malaysia, Sabah. Kibongol Valley, 20.V.1987 (D.H. Burckhardt and I. Löbl), sifting under bomboo. BMNH, DAAC, MHNG   .


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