Anacroneuria cruza Stark, 1999

Stark, Bill P. & Zúñiga, Maria del Carmen, 2014, New Species And Records Of Colombian, Ecuadorian And Venezuelan Anacroneuria (Plecoptera: Perlidae), With A Review Of The Anacroneuria Aymara Stark & Sivec Complex, Illiesia 10 (8), pp. 66-79 : 73

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Anacroneuria cruza Stark


Anacroneuria cruza Stark

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Anacroneuria cruza Stark 1995:231 . Holotype ♂ ( USNM), north of Duida , Territorio Federal Amazonas, Venezuela

Anacroneuria cruza: Stark, 1999:75 . Records from Guyana and Venezuela

Material examined. Colombia: [Putumayo Department]: Santa Rosa, Rio San Miguel headwaters, Kofan Indian Village , 2-24 October 1970, B. Malkin, P. Burchard, 7♂, 2♀ ( CAS). Santa Rosa de Sucumbios , Kofan Indian Village , Rio San Miguel , 400 m, 26 August-9 September, 1971, B. Malkin, 1♂ ( CAS) .

Comments. The original description of this species included male and larval specimens, but the adults were in poor condition and the habitus could not be adequately described. This larger sample of male and female specimens allows the descriptions of adult habitus, female genitalia and the egg. This species was previously reported from Guyana and Venezuela. These first records from Colombia are from the Amazon Natural Region. Rio San Miguel joins Rio Putumayo and forms one of the major tributaries of the Amazon River basin.

Adult habitus. General color yellow-brown, patterned with dark brown. Head with obscure, yellow-brown spot forward of ocelli and dark brown lappets and antennae ( Fig. 9 View Figs ). Pronotum brown over most of disc but with moderately pale anterolateral area and pale median band. Dark brown bands on apical third of hind femora; fore and mid femora with wider dark bands; tibiae brown but with darker proximal and distal brown bands. Wings dark amber, veins pale brown except Sc, R and Cord crossvein dark brown.

Female. Forewing length 13.5 mm. Subgenital plate with four, approximately equal sized lobes; median notch deeper than lateral notches ( Fig. 11 View Figs ). Posterior margin of sternum 9 with narrow sclerotized band bearing several thick setae; median field of sternum 9 with patch of shorter setae lying in median notch of sternum 8, additional longer setae occur posterolateral to median patch.

Egg. Length ca. 0.3 mm, greatest width ca. 0.16 mm. Outline spindle shaped with low, button-like collar ( Fig. 10 View Figs ). Anchor bearing a small membranous knob which lies over collar.


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Anacroneuria cruza Stark

Stark, Bill P. & Zúñiga, Maria del Carmen 2014

Anacroneuria cruza Stark 1995:231

Stark, B. P. 1995: 231