Notomicrus traili Sharp, 1882

Guimarães, Bruno A. C. & Ferreira-Jr, Nelson, 2019, Two new species and new records of Notomicrus Sharp, 1882 (Coleoptera: Noteridae) from Brazil, Zootaxa 4629 (2), pp. 263-270: 268-270

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Notomicrus traili Sharp, 1882


Notomicrus traili Sharp, 1882 

( Fig. 3mView FIGURE 3)

Material examined. “ AMAZONAS STATE, Anamã Municipality , Rio Solimões , Boa Esperança , Paraná , 03º39’25.9” S 61º30’08.2” W, black light, boat, 16.IX.2003, Hamada N. & Nessimian J.L. leg.” (5 ♂♂ 7 ♀♀ / DZRJ 6501)GoogleMaps  ; “Ita- coatiara Municipality, Rio Amazonas , Ilha da Trindade , Paraná da Trindade , 03º18’48.4” S 58º43’56.3” W, black light, 22.IX.2003, De Marco P. & Ferreira-Jr. N. leg.” (12 ♂♂ 29 ♀♀ / DZRJ 6533)GoogleMaps  ; “Manacapuru Municipality, Rio Solimões , Cristo Ressucitado, Lago Galo (Camoa), 03º34’47.8” S 60º49’44.6” W, black light, 17.IX.2003, Hamada N. & Nessimian J.L. leg.” (3 ♀♀ / DZRJ 7468)GoogleMaps  ; Paraná da Trindade Municipality , Lírio do Vale , Lago do Albano , 02º24’51.0” S 57º29’59.7” W, 24.IX.2003, Ferreira-Jr. N. & De Marco P. leg.” (1 ♀ / DZRJ 6563)GoogleMaps  ; “ Lírio do Vale, Lago do Albano, 02º24’51.1” S 57º29’59.8” W, black light, 24.IX.2003, De Marco P. & Ferreira-Jr. N. leg.” (3 ♀♀ / DZRJ 6539)GoogleMaps  ; “ GOIÁS STATE, Caiapônia Municipality , Ribeirão, black light, 16º53’41.6” S 51º52’53.7” W, 708 m, 16.II.2012, Santos A.P.M., Sgare L. & Raimundi E. leg.” (1 ♂ / DZRJ 6547)GoogleMaps  ; “ MATO GROSSO STATE, Chapada dos Guimarães Municipality, Chapada dos Guimarães, Córrego Independência , Cachoeira do Pulo, high part, slippery slab, water with moss and roots, 15º24’59.8” S 55º50’29.1” W, 592 m, 04.III.2016, Guimarães B.A.C. & Ferreira-Jr. N. leg.” (1 ♂ / DZRJ 6503)GoogleMaps  ; “Poconé Municipality, Fazenda Ipiranga, Pousada Piuval, charco at river, 16º23’09.9” S 56º37’17.0” W, 114 m, 28.VII.2013, Clarkson B., Sampaio B.H.L. & Ferreira-Jr. N. leg.” (1 ♂ 1 ♀ / DZRJ 6560)GoogleMaps  ; “Fazenda Ipiranga, road to Pousada Piuval, 16º22’42.2” S 56º37’22.8” W, 86 m, VII.2013, Clarkson B., Sampaio B.H.L. & Ferreira-Jr. N. leg.” (44 ♂♂ 81 ♀♀ / DZRJ 6544)GoogleMaps  ; “ MATO GROSSO DO SUL STATE, Ladário Municipality , lake next to Pousada Vitória Régia, light trap, 17.IX.2008, Sanseverino A.M. leg.” (1 ♂ / DZRJ 6562)  ; “ PARÁ STATE, Santarém Municipality , Rio Amazonas , Santana do Ituqui, Lago Maicá, 02º30’44.0” S 54º19’43.9” W, black light, 30.IX.2003, De Marco P. & Ferreira-Jr. N. leg.” (16 ♂♂ 28 ♀♀ / DZRJ 6507)GoogleMaps  ; “ PARANÁ STATE, Jaguariaíva Municipality , Parque Estadual do Cerrado, Ribeirão Santo Antônio, 20–23.V.2014, Sampaio B.H.L., Guimarães B.A.C. & Ferreira-Jr. N. leg.” (1 ♂ / DZRJ 6564)  .

Taxonomic note. The examined specimens from the state of Amazonas present size, elytral setate punctuation pattern and shape of median lobe of aedeagus as described by Young 1978, however the dorsal coloration considerably differs. The species is described by Young as having head at the base dark brown to black and elytra uniformly yellowish brown with only the base darker; the specimens mentioned here above, instead, have entirely yellowish brown head, matching the pronotum coloration, and dark brown elytra with suture, a transversal, median band and the elytral apex yellowish brown. This create a paler cross-shaped pattern on the dorsum of these specimens ( Fig. 3mView FIGURE 3), substantially facilitating their identification.

Geographic distribution. Notomicrus traili  is known from Bolivia, Suriname and the Brazilian states of Amazonas, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Pará and Paraná. First record for Amazonas, Goiás and Paraná.