Anacroneuria subcostalis Klapálek

Baldin, Carolina, Bispo, Pitágoras Da Conceição & Novaes, Marcos Carneiro, 2013, New species and records of Anacroneuria (Plecoptera: Perlidae) from Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, Zootaxa 3694 (4), pp. 391-397: 392-393

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Anacroneuria subcostalis Klapálek


Anacroneuria subcostalis Klapálek 

Anacroneuria subcostalis Klapálek, 1921: 326  ; Jewett, 1960: 174; Illies, 1966: 322; Froehlich, 2002: 86; Froehlich, 2004: 59; Bispo & Froehlich, 2004 a: 99.

Material examined. Brazil, RJ, Engenheiro Passos: 4 males and 3 females, BR- 485, km- 11 Hotel Fazenda Palmital, 26.iv. 2007, JAR & F.F. Xavier. BR, RJ, Macaé: 3 males, Rio Macaé (Macaé de Cima), 8.iii. 2002, RWH, RJB, HP, ALP; 1 male, Junção dos Rios Macaé e Bonito, 10.iii. 2002, RWH, RJB, HP, ALP.

Remarks. The males of the above material have a forewing mean length of 10.75 mm (10–11 mm); forewing mean length of females was 12.75 mm (11.5 to 14 mm). This species is yellowish with two brownish stripes laterally on the pronotum. Wings have brownish subcostal veins. The color pattern of the head and pronotum of the specimens collected in Macaé agrees with the description of Jewett (1960). However, these specimens do not have the lighter window on the distal part of the wing, which is a common characteristic of A. subcostalis  . The penial armature is identical to that described by Froehlich (2004).