Pentispa suturalis (Baly)

Riley, Edward G., 2019, On the status of Microrhopala arizonica Schaeffer (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae Cassidinae: Chalepini), Zootaxa 4686 (1), pp. 133-139: 134-136

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Pentispa suturalis (Baly)


Pentispa suturalis (Baly) 

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Chalepus suturalis Baly 1885:51  [original description].

Type locality: Guatemala: Dueñas  

Microrhopala suturalis Weise 1905:135  [original description].

Type locality: [ México – implied from title of the work], Canelas   .

Weise 1911a:73 [as synonym of Microrhopala suturalis (Baly)  ].

Microrhopala arizonica Schaeffer  : Weise 1911a:73 [as synonym of Microrhopala suturalis (Baly)  ]

Penthispa suturalis (Baly)  : Weise 1911b:37 [newly combined, incorrect subsequent spelling of generic name]. Type material of suturalis Baly, 1885  : Lectotype ( Fig 1View FIG) here designated, sex undetermined, labeled “[light-blue circle border] SYN- | TYPE || Duenas, | Guatemala, | G. C. Champion || Godman-Salvin | Coll., Biol. | Centr.-Amer. || Chalepus  | suturalis | Baly | Guatemala || [red label] LECTOTYPE | Chalepus  | suturalis Baly  | desig. E.G.Riley”. Conserved in NHML, card mounted, in good condition, distal antennomeres of right antenna glued to card. Baly (1885) did not indicate a type, and since he did not state the number of specimens before him and nothing provided in the work implies that he had more than one specimen, the number of originally included specimens cannot be definitively determined. To fix the application of this name, a lectotype is designated. Repositor(ies) of possible paralectotypes unknown. Baly (1886) added the locality Cordova, México for this species, but this supplement was issued the year following the original description so the specimen(s) from this locality are not part of the type series.

Type material of M. suturalis Weise, 1905:135  . Whereabouts of type material unknown ( Staines 2015).

Remarks: The type locality of M. suturalis Weise  is Canelas, México, here accepted as Canelas in the state of Durango. Weise’s description is reasonably detailed, yet there remains some uncertainty as to which species recognized in the present work it belongs. With the absence of type material for verification, this name remains a subjective junior synonym of P. suturalis (Baly)  where placed by Weise (1911a). It is probably correctly placed given the currently-known ranges of both species.

Other specimens examined (26 total):

MEXICO: Chiapas: 11 mi. W San Cristobal de las Casas , 7300’, VI-4-1974, C. W. & L. O’Brien & Marshall [1 EGRC]  ; 3 mi NW Pueblo Nuevo, VII-27-1965, G. H. Nelson [1 EGRC]; SW side of Cerro Huitepec , 2500m, VIII-18-1991, R. W. Jones [1 TAMU]  . Guerrero: 4 mi. W Chilpancingo , ca. 4000 ft., VII-15-1984, J. B. Woolley [1 TAMU]  . Hidalgo: 1 km. S Eioxochitilán, 20.7362°N, 98.81120°W, VIII-14-2017, S. Niño & Y. V Gómez [1 SNMC]GoogleMaps  ; 12 mi. NW Jacala, Hwy. 85, 5600’, VII-25-1982, C. W. & L. O’Brian, Marshall [1 EGRC]  ; 23 mi. NE Jacala , 5200’, V-27-1974, C. W. & L. O’Brien & Marshall [1 EGRC]  25 mi. NE Jacala , 5100’, V-27-1974, C. W. & L. O’Brien, Marshall [1 EGRC]  ; Jalisco: El Tepalo , VIII-2-2015, S. Niño [1 SNMC]  . México: Real de Arriba , Temescaltepec, 6-700 ft., 1932, H. E. Hinton, R. L. Usinger, B.M. 1959-100 [1 NHML]  ; 3 mi. N Valle de Bravo , VI-28-1965, G. H. Nelson, sweeping roadside vegetation [1 EGRC]  ; 6 mi. E Valle de Bravo , VII-16-1966, P. M. & P. K. Wagner [1 TAMU]  ; 10 mi. N Valle de Bravo, 8900’, VIII-6-1982, C. W. & L. O’Brien & G. Wibmer [3 EGRC]; Temascaltipec Dist. , Temascaltepec, 1933, ca. 5000 ft., H. E. Hinton, R. L. Usinger, B.M. 1959-100 [2 NHML]  .

Michoacán: 2 mi. S Carapan, VII-6-1985, Woolley & Zolnerowich [2 TAMU]; 31 mi. E Morelia, Hwy. 15, 7750’, VIII-15-1982 ,, C. W. & L. O’Brien & Wibmer [1 EGRC]  . Morelos: 8 km. N Cuernavaca, Hwy. 95, IX-5-1982, C. & L. O’Brien, G. Wibmer [1 EGRC]  . Nuevo León: Chipinque Mesa (nr. Monterrey ), 4000’, VIII-22-1974, O’Briens & Marshall [1 EGRC]  . Oaxaca: San Grabriel, Etla , VI-17-2016, S. Niño [1 SNMC]  . San Luis Potosi: west of Ciudad Valles, Hwy. 70 nr. km. 82, microwave tower road, VII-12-1990, T. Carlow & D. Emlen [1 TAMU]  .

Veracruz: Municipio Huayacocotla , III-21-2011, L. Martínez [1 SNMC]. [no locality] Baly Coll. [1 NHML]  .


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Texas A&M University


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Pentispa suturalis (Baly)

Riley, Edward G. 2019

Microrhopala suturalis Weise 1905:135

Weise. This 1905: 135

Chalepus suturalis

Baly 1885: 51