Holopyga amoenula virideaurata Linsenmaier, 1951

Rosa, Paolo, Wei, Na-sen & Xu, Zai-fu, 2014, An annotated checklist of the chrysidid wasps (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae) from China, ZooKeys 455, pp. 1-128: 16

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Holopyga amoenula virideaurata Linsenmaier, 1951


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Chrysididae

60. Holopyga amoenula virideaurata Linsenmaier, 1951 

Holopyga amoenula var. virideaurata  Linsenmaier, 1951: 16. Holotype ♀, Greece: Rhodes (16 (descr.), depository: NMLS)*.

Holopyga amoenula ssp. virideaurata  : Linsenmaier 1959: 31 (? China, tax.).

Holopyga amoenula  : Kimsey and Bohart 1991: 228 (cat.).

Material examined.

Heilongjiang: 1♂, Harbin, 6.VII.1947; 1♀, id., 10.VII.1949; 1♂, id., 20.VII.1953, all specimens leg. Alin; 1♀, China; 1♂, Kouy-Théou Cavalarie 1921 (NMLS).


China (Heilongjiang, Guizhou). Widely distributed in the Palaearctic Region ( Kimsey and Bohart 1991).


Linsenmaier (1959) dubiously considered the specimens from Harbin to be Holopyga amoenula ssp. virideaurata  . These specimens were still identified as virideaurata in his collection and seem to fit the current interpretation of the taxon. At present, Holopyga amoenula amoenula  is an endemism of the Mediterranean island of Rhodes, but some specimens may also be found in southern Greece. A re-evaluation of all the subspecies and taxa related to Holopyga amoenula  s. str. is urgently needed.