Macrosiphoniella jinghuali Zhang, Chen, Zhong & Li,

Victor, Eastop, F. & Blackman, Roger L., 2005, Some new synonyms in Aphididae (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha), Zootaxa 1089, pp. 1-36: 13

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.273344

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Macrosiphoniella jinghuali Zhang, Chen, Zhong & Li


Macrosiphoniella jinghuali Zhang, Chen, Zhong & Li  , in Zhang 1999 = Macrosiphoniella oblonga (Mordvilko 1901) 

After examining paratypes of M. jinghuali  we conclude that it is a synonym of M. oblonga  , a large aphid on Artemisia  common in Europe and across Asia to Japan and Taiwan. Several other Asian populations with close resemblance to oblonga  have been given the status of separate species; M. hidaensis Takahashi & Moritsu  in Japan and east Siberia, M. paraoblonga Basu & Raychudhuri  in India, and M. similioblonga Zhang  in China (also recorded from Korea; Lee et al. 2002). Further work is needed to show that these are not all one geographically variable species.